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Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Wondering "HOW" To Set Up Your Web Business.
It's Fast and Easy When You See Exactly...

"How To Get Your Business Online
Quickly and Easily By Watching
These Step-By-Step Videos"

From the Desk of: Kathy Maestas and Kathleen Dixon

See if you can relate to this scenario:

You open your email to find a dozen or more messages all promoting the same product and you think to yourself, "Boy I wish I had an army of affiliates promoting MY business. Those guys must be making a fortune!"

Or what about this one:

You purchase a product or join a site and realize that there are hundreds of other people who've just done the same thing and you think, "Man, I wish I knew the secret of getting hundreds of people to join my site or purchase my product."

Or maybe this is familiar:

You find a product you like and you want to promote it as an affiliate. You get your affiliate link, you put a couple of banners in your favorite traffic exchanges, you post on a couple of forums and you wait for something good to happen ... But it doesn't ...

Maybe you even have a small list of people to mail to - through a network marketing company, or leads you purchased or a safelist... so you send out a few emails to your list and again you wait for the sales to begin ...

And you wait ... And wait ...

And finally you think, "What am I missing here? How do these other guys do it? What do I need to do to become successful like the "big guns"?

I must tell you honestly, there IS a secret to getting Monster Amounts of buying traffic to your products and services. It's not hard to do once you know the secret. What you need is someone to tell you what the secret is...

So I'm going to tell you what the secret is...

But first, I want you to think about something else with me:

How long have you been trying to build a business online?

Really. How long? ... Can you even remember?

If it's been a few weeks, or a few months ... or even a few years ... what is the biggest thing holding you back from being successful?

If you are anything like many (if not most) of the people I've trained over the years, or the people I've consulted with, or many of my newsletter subscribers, the answer to the question above is: "Lack of technical knowledge."

Let's face it, you just may not be "geeky".

And that's OK. Most people aren't.

So you purchase an ebook or a training course to learn how to do something you believe will help you be successful and right out of the starting gate you run into something that stops you cold in your tracks.

Isn't that frustrating?

Haven't you wished sometimes that you had someone to just take you by the hand and say, "Look, here's how you do that"? Wouldn't that save you a ton of time? Wouldn't you feel proud of yourself when you overcame the challenge? Sure you would. You'd be on top of the world!

Have you ever heard the saying, The Money's In The List?

That's the Secret ... the one that EVERY successful marketer knows and uses to attract hundreds of prospects to their web sites and to sell them thousands of dollars worth of products and services. Every single one of them uses this same secret, time and time again. Wash ... rinse ... repeat.

But they're not using just any list ... and that's the Rest of the Story, as Paul Harvey used to say.

Nope, they're building lists of laser targeted prospects ... people who already want to buy what they are promoting.

And YOU ... yes, you ... can do the very same thing. Even if you're not geeky.

I promise.

And that's what Web Business Basics 101 is all about.

Because list building is the absolute cornerstone of doing business on the web. In fact, experts say that about 80% of your efforts should be spent building a targeted list.

So what is a targeted list?

And how do you get one?

And how are you going to get past the "geek barrier"?

We're going to take you by the hand and SHOW YOU!

Well, OK. We're not going to literally take you by the hand, but you'll feel like we have because we're going to break this thing down, step-by-step and show you everything you need to do to set up a lead capture page and start attracting laser targeted traffic to your list.

The 19 Step-by-Step Videos and the Web Business Basics 102 "Email List Building Strategies - Four Part Webinar Series" comprise well over 8 hours of training in total. For less than the cost of pizza and a movie for 4, We will show you exactly how to put your business online quickly and easily... making it incredibly fast and easy for persons of all skill levels to set up an Internet business!

You Can Be Up & Running Within 24 Hours!

Instead of "telling" you what to do, WE'LL SHOW YOU what to do with nineteen, step-by-step video tutorials.

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn...

register a domain name
How to register a domain. You'll learn exactly how and where to register your own domain name (i.e. YourName.com). It's easier and less expensive than you probably think.
set up a hosting account
How to set up a hosting account. Next you'll learn how to set up a web hosting account. It's quick and easy when you WATCH how to do it on this special video. Note: You'll also learn how to select a good hosting provider and where to host unlimited sites for one low price.
sest your DNS
How to set up your DNS. Next up you'll discover how to point your "nameservers" towards your web site host. Don't worry, you'll learn what that means, and you don't need any technical skills.
to set up a web page
How to create web pages. Then we'll show you how to actually create simple web pages to load to your new site. Don't worry, you don't need to be a programmer or understand HTML code. No experience necessary when you watch our web page basics videos.
do your own web
Uploading files to your site. One of the questions we receive all the time is "how do I upload the files to my site"? We've put together a special video to show you exactly where to get a free FTP program, and SHOW YOU how to transfer files from your computer to your web host. (VERY easy!)
email opt-in list

Setting up an autoresponder. Everyone agrees that having your own autoresponder and mailing list service is CRITICAL to being successful online. When you watch our videos, you'll learn how to quickly launch your own automated message center.
set up e-commerce Automating your order processing. You'll also see how to set up PayPal order buttons so you can start taking orders from your website immediately. We even show you how and where to set up your own special thank you pages in PayPal... So customers are redirected back to your website after purchasing.
double opt email list Web Business Basics 102 - "Email List Building Strategies" 4 Part Webinar Series . In addition to nearly 3 hours of step-by-step video instruction on how to get your web pages up and running, we also include a 4 session webinar series to teach you "exactly" what you MUST do to start building your business online.

And these are just a few of the things we'll show you how to do in
the brand new "Web Business Basics 101" Online Video Series!

You see, we get the same questions over and over again from our Newsletter subscribers and clients. Things like...

How can I upload files to my webpage?

How can I let customers automatically download my product?

How do I set up an autoresponder?

How do I process my orders?

How do I drive traffic to my web pages?

How do I get people to subscribe to my email lists?

How do I turn my newsletter subscribers into buyers?

to set up a web page, do your own web, web business basics, web business for dummies, web home business

Let's face it, you simply cannot setup and run a succesful business
on the Internet without knowing these (and other) basic steps.

So, we have designed a Video Course that will not only answer these common questions (and a bunch more), but also show you how to do it.

This way, you can look over the shoulder of someone who's already done it time and time again, someone who can show you exactly how to do it yourself.

Web Business Basics 101 Online Video Series

to set up a web page, web business basics, web business startup, do your own web, web business for dummies, web home business

"... I was almost at the point where I had almost given up on starting an Internet business...

"... This course has given me a solid foundation to launch and build my business upon. It will definitely do the same for you... "Kathy took a very complicated subject and was able to break it all down into a simple step-by-step process with instructions that are easy to understand and follow..."In fact, some of the tips and resources you provided more than paid for the entire cost of your program. "Thanks again for the excellent training you have provided, and for making this course available. I highly recommend it above all others!"

Mike Stevens
Des Moines, IA

You'll be able to immediately access nearly 3 hours of video training tutorials in the Web Business Basics 101 Online Video Series package!

Everything you need to know in order to set up your own Internet business is SHOWN in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. Things like...

to set up a web page
How to choose and register a domain name for your business.
do your own web
How to make certain your web site is "live" for others to visit.
web business basics
How to find the right web host provider.
set up your own web hosting
How to set up your first hosting account for under $5.00 per month or host unlimited sites for less than $8.00 per month.
setting up your own web page
How to publish your site on the web.
targeted opt email
How to setup an autoresponder account.
double opt email
How to setup automated follow-up messages.
double opt email
How to create an "opt-in" form and place it on your web page.
web home business
How to set up and customize your online order process.


We reveal it all by SHOWING YOU what to do every step of the way. A few other things you'll learn with Web Business Basics 101 include:

how to set up your own web page
How to create a simple webpage even if you don't know HTML
set up your own web page
How to create hyperlinks - both those that open in the same browser window and those that open in new browser windows.
set up own web page
How to import graphics into your project folder.
create a web business
Where to get free photo editing software.
do your own web site
How to edit graphics and change font styles, sizes, colors, etc.
build a web business
How to setup an automated order processing system.
setting up my own web page
Where to download the absolute best FTP software for free.
create a web business
How to upload all of your files to your site using FTP.

Next... You'll have immediate access to our "Web Business Basics 102 - 4 Part Webinar Series" where we reveal the "secret formula" ALL succesful Internet marketers use and we SHOW YOU exactly what to do every step of the way.

Here are just a few insider marketing secrets you'll learn by viewing and listening to the Web Business Basics 102 Webinar Series...

build a web business
The exact, proven step-by-step, secret formula all successful online marketers use that will turn your prospects into buyers!
targeted opt email
Why building targeted email lists must be your first, and single most important goal, if you are serious about your business. This webinar series teaches you, step-by-step, how to get started today!
double opt email
Why you must build your own email lists, especially if you're promoting other people's products... learn step-by-step exactly how to do this!
make a web business
How to use free research tools to find hot prospects who are already interested in your products!
web business basics
How to use free online spy tools to find out what's working for your competitors, so you can outsell them!
double opt email
9 "ethical bribes" you can use to get new list subscribers right now!
web business startup
Why it is absolutely imperative that you position yourself as an expert in your niche market, and how you can get started today!
targeted opt email
How to establish rapport & build long term relationships with your list subscribers, so they will want buy from you!
double opt email
21 free & low-cost places to advertize your squeeze pages!
web business startup
How to find high traffic web site owners in your niche who will allow you to place ads on their websites!
targeted opt email
6 Joint Venture list building strategies you can use to get others in your niche market to promote your stuff!
web business startup
How to plan with the end result in mind, and why you MUST think backwards to save time and money!
build a web business
Why you MUST build your business foundation D.E.E.P.
create a web business
How to build upon that foundation to create long term, happy and satisfied customers who will buy from you over and over again!

"The Big Webinar is really a big event from the beginning to the end. In hours I found answer to questions that have been revolving in my mind for months.

"Kathleen & Kathy, with their people oriented approach... with their expertise to deliver their material, seem to be engaged in a delicious conspiracy to capture the mind of their audience.

"These are people that are willing to walk the extra mile with you making this an event that no entrepreneur would want to miss."

Richard Charman, DBD of Net-Tronics, Corp.

Here's What You Will Receive When
You Order "Web Business Basics 101" TODAY...

web business basics, to set up a web page

do your own web Nearly 3 hours of video training that shows you step-by-step, from beginning to end everything you must do to get your business online fast and easy!

targeted opt email Our 4 Part Email List Building Webinar Series that reveals the exact strategies & techniques all successful marketers use to build laser targeted prospect lists... and how YOU can get your prospects to tell you exactly what they want to buy from you!

We walk you through every step of the process, all along giving you our own tried and tested resources that you can take advantage of IMMEDIATELY!

But in addition to all the video training, you'll also receive some very special, bonuses that will ensure your success:

Free Bonus Gift #1 - "Ready to Import and Edit
Opt-in Squeeze Page Templates"
($54.00 Value!)

To get you up and running quickly, we're giving you two ready to edit web page templates; one for your newsletter subscription and the other for a free report giveaway.

Just replace our header images and text with your own, add your opt-in form (we show you how in the autoresponder video), and you'll be ready to publish to the web in minutes.

Free Bonus Gift #2 - "Sales Letter Graphics Pack"
($37.00 Value!)

The Sales Letter Graphics Pack contains a Huge collection of over 130 Professionally designed graphics. Easily edit and add your text to the graphics using almost any graphics editor.

The collection includes header graphics, book graphics, box graphics, order buttons and more.

Plus find out where to get easy to use photo editing software for free, along with a free bonus video that will show you how to edit the images you'll receive with The Sales Letter Graphics Pack.

Free Bonus Gift #3 - "How To Install a
Wordpress Blog on Your Website"
($17.00 Value!)

In this Special Bonus Video, you'll discover...

  • How to set up a Wordpress blog on your own domain in less than 4 minutes

  • How to select and install a theme to customize your blog

  • How to begin posting to your blog immediately

  • And more!

Free Bonus Gift #4 - "2 Kats Article Pack"
($47.00 Value!)

Looking for content for your new website and blog?

We've got you covered. The 2 Kats Article Pack includes 1050 Articles In 43 non-internet marketing related Niches, like...

  • Asset Management

  • Consulting

  • Digital Photography

  • Weddings

  • And more!

Free Bonus Gift #5 - "10 Ways to Make 10K "
By Jimmy D. Brown
($27.00 Value!)

In this Special Report, you'll discover...

  • Ten PROVEN strategies for generating at least $10K per month. You're sure to find at least one that's perfect for you!

  • How to turn digital products into physical products. HINT: You can double, triple or even quadruple your profit using this strategy!

  • How to turn YOUR particular knowledge into a revenue stream.

  • Three different strategies for turning Other People's products into CASH in YOUR Pocket!

Free Bonus Gift #6 - "Six Steps To Six Figures"
By Jimmy D. Brown
($27.00 Value!)

In this Special Report, Jimmy explains why building an opt-in email list is THE MOST IMPORTANT business activity you have as an online marketer. And he proceeds to explain the Six Steps you need to take to:

  • Get visitors to opt-in to your list

  • Get your emails past the SPAM filters

  • Get your subscribers to actually OPEN and READ your emails

  • Get them to take the Action that will makeYOU oney

"WOW! What great information!

"Loved the List Building Strategies - 4 Part Webinar Series. It was well worth attending.

"I'm so excited , can't wait to get started putting it all into action. THANK YOU!"

Kathy Poplawski

Without a doubt, Web Business Basics 101 is the absolute best way to Save Yourself Months of Time and Avoid Costly Mistakes!

We've learned everything the hard way, by trial and error... but you don't have to!

With the Web Business Basics 101 video tutorials...

to set up a web page
You can save yourself months of time! Why spend months (or even years) trying to figure it all out on your own, when you can have a detailed, step-by-step training course walk you through it all from beginning to end, in logical steps?

web business startup
You can avoid costly mistakes! Why risk making mistakes that force you to start all over again (or worse yet, spend more money!) when you can have experts who have done this dozens of times to show you how to get it done right the first time?

setting up your own web site
You can watch instead of read! Why read another ebook that "tells" you how to do it -- and then you've still got to figure out how to do what you've been told! -- when you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get your business up and running today?

web business for dummies
You can learn at your own pace! You can watch these videos at your leisure whenever you want, review them as often as you like, and jump forward or backward to whatever step you want, anytime you want!

It really is the ultimate way to learn. They key is not to let another day go by. Take action now!

Here's the thing:
these action steps are not optional.
You simply MUST do them in order to setup an Internet business. You might as well learn how to do them correctly right from the beginning.

Here's the deal...

Considering that all these bonuses, including over 6 hours of recorded list building webinar classes, are worth well over $604.00 in value, you may be surprised to know that we're practically giving the Entire Video Training Course & the 4 Part Webinar Series away for only $247, (nope...) $199, (oops - still lower!) $129 (keep going...) $97 (Yes, really. Still lower ...)

Right now, during our relaunch, your investment is only - $47!


So you're probably asking yourself, "Why are they pricing it so low?"

Well to be completely honest, we're sick and tired of seeing scammers and "fly by night gurus" promising that you can make money online, "even if you don't have a website or your own list to promote your products and services to," as they suck every last penny from you by pushing their over-hyped and over-priced products!


With the economy reeling at the moment, with unemployment high and workers feeling less and less secure about their jobs...

We'd rather help you avoid any further misfortune and disappointment and finally give you something you can really benefit from at a price you can truly afford.

We are cutting right past the bull #@%& and letting you know once and for all that these action steps are not optional if you're serious about doing business online, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you!

To do this, we decided to offer the "Web Business Basics 101" Online Video Series and the "Web Business Basics 102" 4 Part Email List Building Webinar Recordings at this rock bottom, bargain basement price because we are sincere about wanting to help you fulfill your dreams, get you past the learning curve as quickly as possible, and help you get your business online right now!

web business basics 101

Unconditional Satisfaction

We're NOT going to turn you into a design professional overnight.

We won't be teaching you every web design trick in the book.

We won't provide free software support and be your answer machine for any design or software questions you have.

What WE DO guarantee is this:

IF you WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS and DO all the steps...

1. You WILL learn how to create basic web pages!

2. You WILL avoid costly mistakes!

3. You WILL be able to publish your own site very quickly...
How quickly is entirely up to you!

4. You WILL save money by NOT having to hire a website designer!

5. You WILL be able to use what you learn over and over again ... and with practice you'll get faster!

We absolutely, unequivocally guarantee the above 5 factors. Therefore...

IF YOU WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS and DO ALL THE STEPS, and you are not able to publish your pages, we will either publish your web pages for you or we'll refund every penny of your money within the first 30 days of your purchase.

So let's review everything you'll be getting when you Order Now:

to set up a web page, web business basics, Yes, Kathleen and Kathy,
I want to cut past the learning curve and learn how to get my business online in record time.

I understand that if I watch the "Web Business Basics 101" Online Video Series and take action, I will learn HOW TO:

Register my own domain name
Set up my own hosting account
Set up my own DNS entries
Find a free web page editor
Create my own web pages
Find and use a free FTP client to upload files to my site
Set up my own autoresponder/ list management system
Customize and automate my order process using PayPal

I'll also get the following bonus gifts just for ordering TODAY:


Free Bonus Gift #1:
"Ready to Import and Edit Opt-in Squeeze Page Templates"
($54.00 Value)


Free Bonus Gift #2:
"Sales Letter Graphics Pack." Plus "How To Add Your Own Text To Your Sales Letter Graphics" Bonus Video
($37.00 Value)


Free Bonus Gift #3:
"How To Install a Wordpress Blog on Your Website"
($17.00 Value)


Free Bonus Gift #4:
"2 Kats Article Pack"
($47.00 Value)


Free Bonus Gift #5:
"10 Ways to Make 10K " By Jimmy D. Brown
($27.00 Value)


Free Bonus Gift #6:
"Six Steps to Six Figures" By Jimmy D. Brown
($27.00 Value)

PLUS, I will also receive immediate access to the...

"Web Business Basics 102: List Bulding Strategies"
4-Part Webinar Series...

... containing over 6 hours of intensive, interactive training on HOW you can . . . and WHY you should... build your own laser targeted, highly responsive opt-in email lists!

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server


You can get INSTANT ACCESS right now—even if it's 3:00 a.m.!

Best of success,

Kathy Maestas
Kathleen Dixon
2 Kats Online

P.S. Don't let another day pass by wondering how to go about getting your business online.
Order Web Business Basics 101 today, and you can be up and running by this time tomorrow!

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